Context thinking is the accelerated development of skilled judgment or observation by looking at the reasoning behind a decision to achieve understanding, evaluate viewpoints, and solve problems >>more...

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Become One of the Best Qualified on Selection Boards by Learning How to Think Critically

Use critical thinking strategy to learn how to think strategically, solve a critical thinking problem, and run small to large organizations as you remake your unit into a learning organization. Learn what are the four secrets to having a successful military career?

To become leader-centric, thinking critically is essential. It will develop adaptability in you as you go through rapid decision-making processes. Every decision you make or don't make carries a lethal or nonlethal effect. Our products allow you to think through what is likely to happen over time.

Benefit of critical thinking activity to you!

Use this critical thinking tool to enhance your leader development program, become an academic leader in the study of leadership, learn distance training in critical thinking for military personnel, and other distributed training in thinking processes.

We help you plan ahead by thinking through decisions that you may have not considered. It will give you a better feel about the problem at hand. It will also eliminate the natural temptation to delay decisions until more information makes the situation clearer.

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