Context thinking is the accelerated development of skilled judgment or observation by looking at the reasoning behind a decision to achieve understanding, evaluate viewpoints, and solve problems >>more...

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Have a happier, easier, fuller, and more satisfying life by reducing confusion in the classroom.

Being able to think critically help you determine the key areas to look at during the planning of your curriculum for the coming school year. You will learn the essentials of how creative and context thinking are used for both effective learning and productive living and transfer that knowledge to your students

Don't make recurring mistakes in teaching. Here's an invitation to critical thinking. Use experimental teaching to build student skills using the free-play and a holistic outlook toward problem-solving and decision-making while building your students character. Teaching critical thinking, critical thinking communication, and child development are key to success in the 21st Century and beyond

Benefit of critical thinking test to you!

Allows you to teach how to use short term memory and deductive reasoning with an example of critical thinking that will increase your students test scores and comprehension. The foundation for critical thinking must be taught. Logic and critical thinking work together.

Teaches you how to teach so students learn how to think rather than what to think. So stop teaching the old way! -- Now teach like a King or Queen!

Become a good teacher who can take the most limited resources and facilitate excellent learning and model students as part of the new critical thinking community.

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