New Magazine Launch: ” In Spite of It All”

Please join me in launching the inaugural issue of ‘In Spite of It All’ Magazine! You may log onto to learn specifics about the campaign, volunteer, make donations and share your comments. Please take a moment to learn about our plan for this project. Your support is greatly needed and would be appreciated.

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New eBook: Wisdom: A New Understanding (Deciding Wisely and Acting Consistently) [Kindle Edition]

Product Description
What would you seek if you did not want anything?

The Contents of This Insightful Book that leads to Wisdom.

Learn how to see the height, depth, length, and width of things in a glance.

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Simplify by use of Context Thinking. See how this relates to that to form what you see.

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Context Thinking is Cool!

I describe cool as the next breakthrough in thinking about form and function. Thinking in context is being able to see jazz and hear the action. To be able to recognize the essential beauty in your thinking as you walk daily in life in fear or in love.

As I write, there is a sparrow in the window, looking in at me. Why? Just looking in out of curiosity? What is he or she thinking? Where did he come from and where is she going after it flies away?

Context thinking allows you access. To know what is unknowable. It prepares you to respond to requirements, when those requirements are not known, by arming you with a framework from which you filter life and decide whether to act or leave alone.

What was the essential meaning of the bird looking in the window; for me? More importantly, for you? How can I use that small moment to better life? What capabilities can I use to create beyond the moment? Do they adhere to my standards/values; given my time here?

Context Thinking IS cool! Why? Because it brings light and replaces darkness. It brings control out of chaos.

Develop your context thinking today. The World awaits the new you!

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