Mind Secrets Exposed

If you are searching for self-improvement products, chances are you’ll be able to find myriads of them on the internet, in library, in bookstores, even in your local grocery stores. What then, differentiates one from the other?

I happened to discover Mind Secrets Exposed after a close friend of mine recommended it to me. Being a self-help product junkie, I wasn’t surprised that she had introduced another one of these eBooks to me. So having nothing else to do, I checked out MindSecretsExposed.com, and here’s what I found out:


The entire Mind Secrets Exposed course consists of an eBook and a software.

Doesn’t sound like much, right?

That’s what I thought at first. In fact, I was close to clicking that little X in the corner of my browser and closing the page. But as I read on, I found myself intrigued by what the creator of the course, one Greg Frost had to say about the subconscious mind.

(For those of you who have yet to hear of him, he is a professional self-improvement couch and bestselling author. He is so confident of his offering, that he is willing to give a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee of his course.)

Eventually I was suckered in and ended up buying the package.

So what did I think of it?

First, let me explain what the software and eBook is all about.

According to the website, the software, called Mind Motivator Extreme, will “broadcast subliminal messages directly to your subconscious mind by flashing the powerful messages on your computer screen.” Truth be told I found this to be a little disorienting at first, but once I got used to it I did feel the subtle effects the messages had on me.

For example, prior to using the software I’d always had a problem with motivating myself to get things done, always procrastinating and putting things off to the last minute. Yet after using the software for a couple of weeks I realized that I was getting things done on my own, without having to be reminded or prompted by anyone. What’s even more amazing to me is that I’d been doing them in record time!

As for the Mind Secrets Exposed manual itself, in my opinion it’s a great read for both newbies and veterans to the self-help niche. While Mind Secrets Exposed may not contain an incredibly groundbreaking revelation, the techniques explained within the book are simply some of the best techniques I have found in the self-improvement field. Greg’s style of style of writing is also very personal and clear, and easy to understand and follow. He covers a broad range of issues in Mind Secrets, like family and relationships and financial and spiritual aspects of one’s life.

Having been exposed to various mind-development products, what I am most impressed about Mind Secrets Exposed is its low price offering for such an impressive and valuable tool. This really reflects on the genuine care and sincerity that Greg has for his potential customers, which is what I respect about the man.

Overall, I will definitely recommend Mind Secrets Exposed to my friends and loved ones. Being able to unleash the full potential of my subconscious mind has helped me enormously to me to take better control of my life.


Online Critical Thinking Course for Instructors, Executives, Military Personnel, Nursing, College Students, Adult Education

Online Critical Thinking Course for Instructors, Executives, Military Personnel, Nursing, College Students, Adult Education

Learn the foundations of Integrated Critical Active Thinking while incorporating them into your classes/profession.

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JGraham Enterprises, LLC, Founder of Context Thinking Courses will be offering for individuals interested in developing their understanding of integrated critical active thinking and their ability to bring it into the foundation of instruction.

Non-Academic Credit

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The Complete Online Learning Solution
Learnopia is a learning management system (LMS) where you register for our online courses. Students through distance education classes can learn new skills for their career.

The purpose of our online course is to provide individuals of any subject or field the opportunity to acquire an in-depth, hands-on understanding of how to use the tools of integrated critical active thinking as the basis for planning, instruction, and learning.


How do the integrated critical active thinking online course work?
The course will deepen your understanding of critical thinking while you are working it in your specific profession.

Once registered for the course, you can log in at any time. You may look through the tools within the site and read the books and listen to any videos on the site.

Who will be teaching the courses?
The courses are taught by Dr. Joseph Graham, who has years of experience as well as a deep understanding of the basics of integrated critical active thinking to effectively bring critical thinking into instruction. Dr. Graham uses innovative tools for online course delivery.

Dr. Joseph Graham has ten years experience in using context and critical thinking, Dr. Graham brings a wealth of experience to the integrated critical active thinking and context thinking online courses. Recognizing the importance of placing critical and context thinking at the heart of instruction, Dr. Graham took a systematic approach to bringing critical and context thinking into practice. He holds a Ph.D., MBA, and BBA in Business Administration.

What are the course costs?
The basic course cost, for each course, Non-academic credit, is $35.

Register right away, approximately 15 students per course. Registration is now open for the course.

Registration fees include costs for all instructional materials. Instructional materials for each course can be accessed upon signup at www.learnopia.com for the course.

Course Description iCAT: Introduction to Integrated Critical Active Thinking
Introduces the theory and application of critical thinking. It fosters understanding of how to learn critical thinking skills to students for any subject, discipline. In this course, you will be introduced to integrating critical thinking skills and take a quick test to reinforce your understanding of the course!

The New Business Success Indicators eBook

The New Business Success Indicators eBook

How to have Success in each Business Function
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Dr. Joseph Graham: President & CEO JGraham Enterprises, LLC | Founder of ContextThinking.com